Professional accounting taxation technician apprenticeship standard

This Apprenticeship will involve college attendance and off the job training. Level 4 Professional Accounting Technician Apprenticeship 8 1. Is there additional work required by the student? All apprentices are required to allocate 20% of their weekly working hours towards the completion of the apprenticeship programme. The Professional Accounting/Tax Technician standard allows student registration with a number of UK Professional Bodies in this sector. You will also develop your knowledge, skills and behaviours. uk) EPA Handbook (PDF) Evidence template (PDF) Portfolio exemplar (PDF) Apprenticeship factsheet (PDF) Funding. uk) Assessment plan (GOV. Completion of the Professional Accounting/Tax Technician Apprenticeship may lead to you receiving credits towards the completion of the Professional Accountant/Tax Apprenticeship or Chartered Accountancy/Taxation qualifications provided by the …The Professional Accounting/Tax Technician standard allows student registration with a number of UK Professional Bodies in this sector. Level 4 Professional Accounting Technician/Taxation apprenticeship In the accountancy space, CIMA played a key role working with small to large size employers in the finance industry including multinationals and public sector organisations to develop new apprenticeshipThe knowledge part of the programme is the learning content mapped to the qualification. The technical knowledge below will be understood and applied according to the relevant statutory and regulatory environment. Professional Accounting Taxation Technician Apprenticeship Level 4 Someone in the role of a Professional Accounting/Tax Technician will have responsibility for creating, and/or verifying and reviewing, accurate and timely financial information within the organisation in which they are employed or on behalf of another organisation. The Professional Accounting Technician apprenticeship sits within funding band 11, capping …Professional accounting / taxation technician Working as an accountant or bookkeeper for an accounting practice, business, organisations or HMRC. Technical Knowledge, Option 1 Accounting, Option 2 TaxApprenticeship Standard level 4 Professional Accounting/Taxation Technician. If a candidate seeks to become a member of a Professional Body there may be other requirements specific to the relevant Professional Body, which may be taken as part of, or alongside, the Apprenticeship at the The apprenticeship standard covers the core skills, knowledge and behaviours to demonstrate competency of an Professional Accounting/Tax Technician and covers key requirements to include: - Business Awareness - Ethical Standards - Regulation and Compliance - Systems and Processes - …. The below resources have been designed to assist with the delivery and completion of the Professional Accounting Technician apprenticeship. 7. Professional Accounting/Taxation Technician modules covered by the knowledge outcomes for this programme include: Option 1: Accounting; Option 2: Tax; All options: Business Awareness; Ethical Standards; Regulation and Compliance; Skills and BehavioursA Professional Accounting/Tax Technician will be able to understand and apply professional standards and legal regulations to an organisation’s financial information, and …A competent Professional Accounting/Tax Technician, on completion of the Apprenticeship Standard, will meet the following knowledge, skills and behaviour requirements. Apprenticeship standard (GOV. Employers involved in creating the standard: Baker Tilly, BDO, Costain, Dains, Deloitte, Government Finance Profession, Ernst & Young, Flemmings, Grant Thornton, Hall and Woodhouse, Harvey & Son, Hazlewoods LLP, Health Education East of England, Kingston Smith, KPMG, Lentells Chartered Accountants, London Borough of Barking and Dagenham, NHS Employers, PwC, Solid State …apprenticeship programme DELIVERY DURATION The duration of the Level 4 Professional Accounting Taxation Technician Apprenticeship will typically be between 18 - 24 months in total The minimum duration on programme before an apprentice can take the end -point assessment is 12 monthsTax or Accounting QUALIFICATIONYou will complete the Level 4 Professional Accounting / Taxation Technician Apprenticeship Standard

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