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Tax department in hong kong

Hong Kong does not have a capital gains tax. Hong Kong’s corporate tax system, or profits tax as it commonly referred to, follows a territorial and flat-rate principle. 310 Estate Duty Ordinance Cap. E. Tax Identification Number (TIN) Hong Kong Inland Revenue Department (the IRD) does not issue TIN for communication with the taxpayer. If you have foreign income or assets then these are not taxed. More information about Hong Kong is available on the China Country Page and from other Department of State publications and other sources listed at the end of this fact sheet. Each member of the RSM network is an independent accounting and advisory firm each of which practices in its own right. Stamping of Property Document . Living in Hong Kong. The PTR will need to be submitted along with the audit report and tax computation. The first one is the traditional one: Single-Tier Corporate Tax System and the second one is Two-Tier Profits Tax Regime. Filing of Employer's Return / Notification . Studying in Hong Kong. Jan 01, 2019 · Hong Kong taxpayers are prompted to file tax returns. Opening of eTAX Account . 5%, while income tax is charged progressively at a rate of 2%-17% and there is no tax on capital gains. This section focus on only the Property Tax involved when an individual or a body incorporate owning a property, for the other fee and duty involved, we are going to talk about it here. eTAX is the gateway to the Inland Revenue Department’s (IRD) electronic services. -HONG KONG RELATIONS In 1997, China resumed the exercise of sovereignty over Hong Kong, ending more than 150 years of British colonial rule. There are five marginal tax brackets of 2%, 6%, 10% and 14% and 17%. Basis of taxation Hong Kong imposes income tax on a territorial basis. these schedules or categories is not subject to tax. Stamping of Share Transfer Document . It serves under Ministry of Finance to collect taxes in Hong Kong. The Inland Revenue Department is responsible for the overall administration of direct taxes. Hong Kong does not currently impose any estate duty and payroll, turnover, sales, value-added, gift or capital gains taxes. Filing of Property Tax Return . 111 Hotel Accommodation Tax Ordinance Cap. S. In general, a corporate taxpayer is required to complete and file its profits tax return with IRD within 1 month from the date of issuance but a taxpayer with tax representative usually has an The corporate tax rate in Hong Kong is capped at 16. 5% on assessable profits and unincorporated businesses are taxed at 15%. Both corporate and personal tax rates of Hong Kong are considered as one of the lowest in the world. Hong Kong is a […]In Hong Kong, personal tax is often referred to salary tax. RSM is the trading name used by the members of the RSM network. On June 05, 2014 at 8:30, The General Department of Taxation organized a Seminar on Tax Administration Reform in Malaysia under the presidency of H. 108 Business Registration Ordinance Cap. Companies and individuals (sole proprietors) carrying out business in Hong Kong will be liable to Profits Tax provided that the profits are sourced in Hong Kong. . Hong Kong has an attractive corporate tax regime highlighted by low tax rates. The source of profits is one of the most controversial topics in the context of Hong Kong taxation. 348Inland Revenue Hong Kong Contact Phone Number is : 187 8088 and Address is PO Box 28777, Gloucester Road Post Office, Hong Kong The Inland Revenue Department is also known as IRD which is a Hong Kong government department. It offers you an EASY, SECURE and ENVIRONMENT-FRIENDLY means to facilitate your compliance with the tax law. Hong Kong Profits Tax is a tax levied on the net profits on business. Hong Kong Profits Tax Hong Kong is world renowned for its simple and low tax regime, making it one of the most business-friendly jurisdictions in the world. Inland Revenue Department in Hong Kong (IRD) will issue the first Profit Tax Return form in approximately 18 months after the incorporation of the company. Filing of Tax Return - Individuals . The following identifiers will be equivalent to TIN: (a) Individuals: Hong Kong Identity Card (HKID) number. However, salary tax is only considered for income that comes from business conducted inside of Hong Kong. For tax purposes, non-resident individuals are foreigners who have stayed or worked in Hong Kong for less than 180 days in the tax year. Salaries Tax, Profits Tax and Property Tax are the only 3 income taxes imposed in Hong Kong. The cap will apply to goods imported, exported or re-exported to and from Hong Kong on or after 1 August 2018. My GovHK < back. Such "TIN" is NOT used as a tax identifier of Hong Kong tax resident and therefore should not be provided for automatic exchange of financial account RSM Hong Kong is a member of the RSM network and trades as RSM. You may select to The Inland Revenue Department (IRD) of Hong Kong Government is one of Hong Kong government departments which is responsible for the administration of the following Hong Kong ordinances on taxes and duties and the related rules and regulations: . Tax Information - Individuals / Businesses 2019-20 Budget – Concessionary and Support Measures Relief Measure: Conditional waiver of surcharges for instalment settlement of demand notes for the Year of Assessment 2018/19Tax Information - Individuals / Businesses 2019-20 Budget – Concessionary and Support Measures Relief Measure: Conditional waiver of surcharges for instalment settlement of demand notes for the Year of Assessment 2018/19Doing Business in Hong Kong. The "TIN" shown on the Tax Return-Individuals and related Notice of Assessment is solely for login onto "eTAX" account and access to the e-services provided by the Inland Revenue Department. In Hong Kong, for Single-Tier Tax System: corporations are taxed at 16. Infrastructure: Hong Kong’s infrastructures are amongst the best in the world, offering businesses excellent connection to utilities, communication networks and public transport. U. With effect from 1 August 2018, the charge for each import and export declaration will be capped at $200. The Inland Revenue Department (IRD) usually issues profits tax returns to taxpayers from April 1. To align with international practices, the IRD uses Hong Kong Identity (HKID) numbers and business registration numbers for that purposes. This means that generally income is taxed in Hong Kong only if it arises in or is derived from Hong Kong. Charge for each import and export declaration capped at $200 from 1 August 2018. Business Registration No. IMF commends resilience of Hong Kong's financial system and welcomes Government's (Press Release - November 25, 2019) Hong Kong and Macao enter into tax pact (Press Release - November 20, 2019) LCQ18: Enhanced tax deduction for research and development expenditures . The HKID is an official identity document issued by the Immigration Department of Hong Kong, China for allWithholding tax is the tax charged to a non-resident entity that derives income from a Hong Kong source for services provided or work done in Hong Kong. Enquiry & Supply of Information . Kong Vibol, Delegate of the Royal Government in charge as Director General of the General Department of Taxation(新聞公報 - 2019年12月6日) 《2019年稅務(修訂)(與保險有關的業務的利得稅寬減)條例草案》刊憲If an employment is located outside Hong Kong (SAR), it will be regarded as being a non-Hong Kong (SAR)-located employment and the liability to salaries tax will be limited to tax on income from services rendered in Hong Kong (SAR) plus the attributable leave. Both residents and expats are taxed at either a progressive 2% to 17%, depending on their income level, or a standard rate of 15%. Unlike flat corporate tax rate, Hong Kong’s salary tax rates follow a progressive tax rate system. Inland Revenue Department from Hong Kong, with products under the category of . Hong Kong, China does not issue TIN* for communicating with taxpayers. Betting Duty Ordinance Cap. Completion of Profits Tax Return

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