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FinLantern and Diaman SCF are proud to announce their partnership aimed at organization of the next edition of QUANT 2018.

The partnership will contribute to an even higher quality of this event for all our partners and delegates.

As a part of the agreement, Quant2018 will adopt Finlantern Community: a unique digital tool that will enable all delegates to see other participants, select the most interesting profiles, exchange messages, and organize their meeting agenda during the event.


About FinLantern:

FinLantern is an international financial network, it has achieved a leading position in Switzerland and Italy, thanks to a database of 50.000+ contacts, in the organization of financial events (fairs, presentations, roadshows, webinars, PR aperos …), fundamental to permit its members to meet each other.
FinLantern is promoter of:

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Finally, FinLantern is editor of MarketPlus.ch, an independent publishing website specialized in economic and financial information, the unique one with a coverage on the whole Swiss market.

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FinLantern Community

The FinLantern Community is not the usual community where you can contact other profiles in a virtual world with a very low probability to develop some business with them effectively.

Not at all, the “FinLantern Community” is a new concept based on the idea that only if you have the opportunity to meet someone in the real world, which – like you – is registered to shaking his hand and looking at his eyes, you will have an effective chance to build a relationship and develop synergies with him.

With this in our mind, the “FinLantern Community” has been built in order to generate links among qualified financial professionals who are characterized by an exceptionally unique feature: the fact that all of them will be in the same place, at same time, with the same ambitions (develop their businesses) … and you can imagine that the possibility to send messages to them, in order to arrange meetings, could be astonishingly effective and useful.


About Diaman SCF:

Diaman is a team of men and women with a passionate belief in financial consultancy, independence, and innovation and a research laboratory of its own intent on developing quantitative methods that reduce the emotional factor on making investment choices and its consequent errors in order to improve results and increase satisfaction.

Diaman is a leader in transforming the financial instrument needs of its clients and formulating dynamic investment strategies. We take the courage required for dynamics from our risk management skills, the finance culture we develop, and the statistical indicators we create.

Choosing Diaman means being able to rely on a partner capable of both improving the investment processes that increase your own financial knowledge and abilities through training and the transfer of know-how and obtaining better real results.


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You can request information about the event by filling this form, you can also write to Events@FinLantern.com or calling FinLantern Staff: +41 91 2247250.

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