Vontobel is one of the main issuers of Certificates and Covered Warrants in Europe. With its head office in Zurich and as an independent Swiss private banking group, the Vontobel group embodies the values ​​that distinguish the Swiss model of success: professionalism, solidity, credibility, quality and precision.
In Italy, Vontobel currently offers the widest range of Leva Fissa Certificates listed on the SeDeX of Borsa Italiana with over 150* instruments on indices, stocks and commodities. In 2017, the issuer confirmed its presence on the Italian market through the launch of Covered Warrant, a product category for which Vontobel ranked second in terms of volumes traded on the SeDeX of Borsa Italiana as of 01/09/2017 * (*updated on 25/01/2018). At the moment, Vontobel offers more than 1.250 Covered Warrants on indices, equities, Gold and EUR / USD.
At the beginning of 2018, Vontobel expanded its product offering with Tracker Certificates on thematic indices: Artificial Intelligence and Luxury. This new investment solution is aimed at customers looking for attractive and innovative products with investment horizons up to 5 years.
Vontobel Certificati has developed an internet site, certificati.vontobel.com, dedicated to the offer of products in Italy and where investors will find the full range of products, the related prices and the legal documentation. Investors can also keep up-to-date with our newsletters: "Weekly Note" and the "Investment Idea" offering underlying analysis and the latest market news.

Would you like to receive the Vontobel newsletters? Click here to register: https://certificati.vontobel.com/IT/IT/News_Eventi/Iscriviti_alle_newsletter

Bank Vontobel Europe AG, Frankfurt Branch
Bockenheimer Landstraße 24
60323 Frankfurt am Main

Contact Person: Helena Averty
Responsabile Public Distribution Italy – Vontobel I.B.

db X-trackers ETFs

With EUR 710 billion of assets under management (as of September 30, 2017), Deutsche Asset Management [1] is one of the world’s leading investment management organizations. Deutsche Asset Management offers individuals and institutions traditional and alternative investments across all major asset classes.

Xtrackers Exchange Traded Funds (ETFs) initially launched in 2007 as a specialist in swap-based index replication. Following a period of rapid growth the Xtrackers ETF platform subsequently evolved into one of Europe’s largest providers of physical replication ETFs.  We have continually developed our ETFs to provide investors with a comprehensive set of quality investment tools for efficient portfolio allocation. Today, Xtrackers ETFs are listed on eight stock exchanges globally and have over EUR 58 billion in assets under management (2) making Xtrackers one of the largest providers of ETFs by AUM (3). There are over 180 Xtrackers ETFs available covering a wide range of asset classes and investment exposures.

¹ Deutsche Asset Management is the brand name of the Asset Management division of Deutsche Bank Group. The respective legal entities offering products or services under the Deutsche Asset Management brand are specified in the respective contracts, sales materials and other product information documents.
2 ETFGI LLP, May 2017
3 Low All-in-fees mainstream benchmark trackers that can be considered suitable (long term) "core" holdings in investors’ portfolios.

Deutsche Asset Management 
Via Filippo Turati 27 - 20121 - Milano - Italy
tel.  +390286379843 - www.dbxtrackers.it

Contact person: Mauro Giangrande
Tel. +390286379843
Mobile + 39 3331014870

Lyxor Asset Management

Lyxor Asset Management 
Founded in 1998, Lyxor Asset Management is the management company of Société Générale Group. With more than 600 experts around the world, Lyxor manages more than 133 Billion Euro of assets under management (as of November 2017). Lyxor culture is focused on the achievements of results and it is grounded on the principles of innovation, flexibility and transparency. Through careful planning, expertise, reliability and passion, Lyxor has a unique approach to Asset Management. This materializes into three business lines: ETF & Indexing, Active Investment Strategies and Investment Partners. The first ETF listed on the Italian Exchange dates back to 2002. Since then Lyxor has continuously promoted innovation with an ETF range which ranks among the most diversified and liquid. Its pioneering spirit together with the wide expertise in the sector has allowed Lyxor to become the third biggest and long-lived ETF provider in Europe. Any information on Lyxor ETFs is available on the website  www.ETF.it and calling toll-free at 800 92 93 00.

Lyxor International Asset Management
Tour Socété Générale – 17, cours Valmy
Paris La Defense Cedex
Tel. +39 0289632528 - www.ETF.it

Contact person: Marcello Chelli


Diaman Sicav

DIAMAN SICAV is an independent Sicav based in Luxembourg, which uses only quantitative methods for its funds management. Diaman Sicav focuses on risk control and research of new investment strategies. Although specialized on a market niche and conscious that quantitative methods are not the universal solution, Diaman Sicav focuses on Rigour and Research to grant its Clients the best performances and risk reduction.  Diaman Sicav manages 6 funds with different performances/risk profiles through complementary methodologies, aiming to offer a investment strategies diversification to investors.


Finlabo Investments Sicav counts over 10 years of experience offering to private and institutional investors a varied set of alternative strategies, with different risk-profit profiles. These strategies create value through a highly active management approach and through the application of innovative quantitative models, which has been developed in-house by the investment manager, Finlabo Sim.  In particular, a sophisticated stock-picking model and a dynamic hedging model drive the investment strategies, targeting to maximize alpha while minimizing risk. Currently, Finlabo offers four sub-funds: three long-short equity funds with different geographic focuses (Europe, US and Emerging Markets) and a flexible balanced fund, which combines equity and bond strategies. The flagship fund of Finlabo, Finlabo Dynamic Equity, is a top performer of its category (Morningstar: Long-Short equity Europe) and has received the Lipper Fund Award 2017 as Best Fund Over 5 years- Absolute Return EUR.

BNP Paribas

The THEAM Quant range of funds was created in 2011 with the aim of combining the experience of a top-level asset management company with the investment capabilities and research potential of a global investment bank. With over 40 billion euros of asset under management, the objective of the THEAM Quant range is the construction of indexed, quantitative and capital protection investment solutions. THEAM Quant is part of BNP Paribas Asset Management, seventh in the list of the largest European managers. Active in 35 countries, its assets under discretionary and fiduciary management amounted to € 571 billion at the end of September 2017. The THEAM Quant range offers a wide basket of solutions based on three poles of excellence:
- quantitative investment solutions: performance achieved through models developed for each type of asset class and based on the client's risk profile
- protected solutions: they capture potential market appreciations and at the same time control the risk of capital loss;
- passive investments: facilitated access to the performance of geographical, sectorial or thematic indices and management.


NATAM is a Management Company providing  services to institutional investors, asset managers and investment firms. Based in Luxembourg and authorized to manage Funds both in UCITS and AIFMD regimes.   NATAM is part of a strong banking group, Banca Finnat, and is led by a management team with recognized experience and know-how.  
The distinctive values of our third-party management company are competence, accuracy and reliability.  NATAM provides tailor-made financial solutions to Financial Institutions, Intermediaries and Investors.
The vast range of services offered by NATAM allows Customers and Partners:

  • to benefit from expert and competent support, NATAM ensures daily monitoring of asset management activities in a rigorous, attentive and proactive manner; 
  • to focus on their core business (typically: Investment management and Distribution), acting as the single point of contact in Luxembourg for the fund promoter and providing a hassle-free environment; 
  • to allows fund promoters to quickly set-up and launch a bespoke regulated fund with the coordination of the delegates and service providers;
  • to provide cost-efficient solutions benefitting from potential economies of scale, particularly in terms of reporting costs and managing frequent regulatory changes.


Bd D'Avranches 32-36
L-1160 Luxembourg

Contact person:
Alberto Alfiero, Chairman of NATAM and Deputy General Manager of Banca Finnat 
Sante Jannoni, Managing Director of NATAM
ph. +352 264 979 2112
Institutional Team
ph. +39 06 69933393

Degroof Petercam

Degroof Petercam is a private and independent financial institution with a long history of successes since 1871. With over 1,400 employees and more than EUR 50 billion in assets under management, the group is headquartered in Brussels.
The Institutional Asset Management division has a strong institutional background since the early nineties and has established a strong leading position in the pension fund industry in Belgium. The division offers proven expertise in various traditional asset classes such as fixed income, equities, multi-asset, total return, and responsible investments. 
Degroof Petercam Asset Management (‘DPAM’) has a boutique approach, where all investment strategies are managed by specialized teams, sharing ideas in the same office space. This approach has led to the launch of the multi-asset total return strategies Patrimonial. The total return philosophy dates back to 1984 with the launch of the global total return unconstrained bond fund DPAM L Bonds Universalis Unconstrained. Since then we have been pioneers in many other investment strategies in Europe: the award-winning European listed real estate (REITs) funds in 1999, SRI investments in 2001, and equity ‘Behavioral Value’, equity dividend and high-yield bond strategies in 2002.

DPAM specializes both in fundamental active management and in systematic and total return strategies, and offers a wide, well diversified and award winning fund range.

Degroof Petercam Asset Management – Italian branch
Via Monte di Pietà 21, 20121 Milano

Alessandro Fonzi, CFA, e-mail: a.fonzi@degroofpetercam.com tel: +39 02 86337 223
Aniello Pennacchio  e-mail: a.pennacchio@degroofpetercam.com tel: +39 02 86337 316
Alessandra Tosi                e-mail: a.tosi@degroofpetercam.com tel. +39 02 86337 315



Point Nine

Point Nine is one of the industry leaders in post-trade execution, operation, processing and reporting. Founded in 2002, we collaborate with both buy and sell side financial firms and corporations to help them meet the ever-expanding challenges of post-trade processing.
Circle, our in-house proprietary technology, provides a real-time solution to all our customers and their trading relationships. The operations team helps our clients to complement their existing middle and back office operations or even become their complete one-stop middle and back office solution.
Point Nine also offers a full service to its clients to comply with the various regulatory reporting regimes. Our technology platform caters for EMIR, FinfraG, MiFIR, ASIC and in general for all G20 derivative transaction reporting and the upcoming SFTR. We currently process more than 80 million trades per month for various types of customers. Our customers are primarily banks, asset managers, funds, retail institutional brokers and corporates. 

Point Nine
135 Arch. Makarios III Ave., 3021, Limassol, Cyprus

Contact Person: Andreas Roussos (Chief Business Development Officer)
Tel: +44 2071935126


MainFirst Asset Management

MainFirst Asset Management is an independent European multi-boutique with an active management approach.
The firm manages mutual funds and individual special mandates. With its multi-boutique approach it focuses on investment strategies in selected asset classes, namely equities, fixed income and multi-asset. Experienced portfolio management teams develop strategies with a high active share and individual investment processes. The firm thus combines the expertise and flexibility of focused investment teams with the strengths and clearly defined processes of a broad-based international platform.
MainFirst Asset Management forms part of the MainFirst Group, with approximately 200 employees in the locations Frankfurt, London, Luxembourg, Milan, Munich, New York, Paris and Zurich.

For more information (including legal notes), see www.mainfirst.com

Contact Person: Alessandro Arrighi
Head of BDS Italy ETHENEA Independent Investors SA
Email: a.arrighi@ethenea.com
Tel. 02 8724 3500

Banca del Sempione - BASE Investments SICAV

Banca del Sempione - BASE Investments Sicav
BASE Investments SICAV is a Luxembourg-based open-end investment company established in 2001. BASE aims to preserve capital and increase assets thanks to a multi sub-funds structure. Portfolios consist of diversified transferable securities focusing mainly on three asset classes (equity, bond and forex) featuring different types of risk and a 3-5 year ideal minimum investment period.  BASE is a SICAV focusing sharply on applying the most modern management techniques with a view to achieving the best results for investors, keeping risks under control. 
Flexible Low Risk Exposure and Bonds Value (sub-funds of BASE) are rated by Citywire (A, respectively, AA) and by Morningstar with 5 stars. The Bonds Value funds also has been awarded with the Premio Alto Rendimento (IlSole24Ore) in 2015 and 2016, and with the Lipper Awards in 2015.

Banca del Sempione SA 
Via Peri 5 - CH-6900 Lugano

Contact Person: Veronica Broggi
Area Finanza Ufficio SICAV
Tel: +41 91 910 72 24


Leonteq is an independent Swiss issuer specialized in structuring and issuing investment products, in particular certificates.
Leonteq was founded 10 years ago, went public on the Swiss exchange in 2012 and is currently operating in 10 locations across Europe and Asia.
Our core business is to issue tailor-made investment products and we differentiate ourselves thanks to:

  • A modern platform: Integrated IT platform built from ground up with no legacy issues and full in-house production of all product components
  • Vertical integration: control of the entire value chain and automation of key processes mitigating operational risks and enhancing client service
  • Cost leadership: modern platform resulting in competitive cost per issued product allowing for small ticket sizes

Through the above mentioned pillars we are able to provide flexibility to tailor to individual clients’ needs leveraging on:

  • Cross asset coverage: more than 1’900 equities, 80 indices, 60 ETF and 15 commodities
  • Wide currency coverage: products can be issued in AUD, CAD, CHF, EUR, GBP, HKD, JPY, NOK, SEK, SGD, USD
  • Strong level of transparency and support of reporting needs: data of products and updated documentation (included KID and Target Market) available anytime on product website

108 Cannon Street - London, EC4N 6EU

Contact Person: Pietro Saccomandi
Direct: +44 20 7467 5370
Mobile: +41 79 845 68 22

First Solution

FS First Solutions Ltd was established in 2012 to intermediate structured products and provide portfolio analysis other by combining the expertise of its founders with more than 20 years of experience that ranges from Investment Banking to Asset Management and their background across all asset classes. Regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA). Since launch, FS has intermediated over 1bln EUR. Lately FS has been launching a Structured Products fund (UCITS IV in Luxembourg) that will invest in the payout of equity and credit derivatives through a Total Return Swap (TRS) Its focus is now on:

- Advisory on the Structured Products fund
- Analysis and structuring of Structured Products
- Advisory service on Portfolios
- Portfolio Management
- Private Insurance instruments / wrappers

FS First Solutions LTD
276 Vauxhall Bridge Road, SW1V 1BB London – United Kingdom
Telephone: +44 20 3290 1546

BOV Fund Services

BOV Fund Services Limited  was incorporated in 2006 as a fully owned subsidiary of Bank of Valletta plc, Malta’s largest banking group, to provide a comprehensive and integrated range of high-end fund administration solutions to the funds industry. Through the dedication of its highly qualified and professional human resources as well as the significant investment in state-of-the-art technology, BOV Fund Services has positioned itself as Malta’s leading fund administrator. As at January 2018, BOV Fund Services was servicing 120 investment funds representing €3.7 billion worth of assets, about 30% of the local market. BOV Fund Services is recognised to provide fund administration services by the Malta Financial Services Authority (MFSA), Malta’s financial regulator.

BOV Fund Services Limited
TG Complex Suite 2, Level 3 - Triq il-Birrerija
L-Imriehel, Birkirkara BKR 3000 - Malta
Telephone: (00356) 2122 7148

Contact Person:
Joseph Camilleri
Executive Head Business Development and Corporate Services

Best Vision

From its establishment in 2000 in Zug, Switzerland, Best Vision has been acquiring different entities operating worldwide in technology and services in Finance sector and, more recently, in Entertainment, Industry and Consulting.
The Holding mission aims at coordinating the activities of the participated companies according to the objectives and strategies of the group, traditionally committed to the principle of Swiss quality. Sharing of expertise and synergistic relationships between the group entities are essential for a progressive diversification and evolution of the core business, from the software products development to the offer of Information Technology and Back Office services in outsourcing, from the definition and implementation of new business models to the new frontiers of the multimedia communication.

Best Vision
10, via San Gottardo
6900 Lugano, Switzerland

Contact Person: Fabrizio Rizzi
tel: +41 58 307 04 63 


Aqubix is a specialist IT consultancy and solution provider with a unique remit: that of enabling our customers’ profitability by leveraging technological innovation into  real-world commercial applications, to maximise operational productivity, generate revenue stream growth and improve customer retention and acquisition channels.
At the heart of our commercial proposition is the drive to excel in delivering a truly customer-centric offering,  where our teams approach solution delivery as fully-fledged project partners rather than mere suppliers.  This ethos, borne out of years of experience in business analysis and technical architecture has enabled Aqubix, to grow from a 2-man startup to having dedicated experts in multiple European locations in under a decade.
Headquartered in Malta and with offices in Spain and the United Kingdom, Aqubix now forms part of Mizzi Organisation, one of Malta’s foremost business groups.
We build modular and intuitive solutions, execute bespoke development projects, including web application development and system integration and have been entrusted with projects across industries and markets, from startups and SMEs to international Blue Chip organisations and the public sector.

Societe Generale

Societe Generale (SG) is one of the major european banking group. In Italy, SG is the leading issuer on the SeDeX segment of Borsa Italiana with 37,7% of market share (source: Borsa Italiana / Turnover 2017). SG has a local presence in Italy with a dedicated team for listed products covering:

- Certificates: a remarkable products range on numerous underlyings and with several simple and innovative structures for both investment and trading; in 2012 SG became the first issuer of daily leveraged certificates, currently the most traded instrument on SeDeX. In 2016, SG expanded its product offer with investment certificates including an innovative protection mechanism (Protection PLUS+). Recently SG listed a new pay-off for ranging markets, called Corridor.

  • ETC: on the ETFplus segment of Borsa Italiana, SG offers a range of 48 Collateralized ETC Long (+1x), Short (-1x) or daily leveraged (±3x e ±5x) on equity indices, commodities, FX and Bond Futures
  • Bonds: since 2015 SG has developed a wide range of bonds in EUR, USD and the main emerging currencies.
  • Covered Warrant: SG offers more than 1500 CW on equities, indices, FX and commodities.


Via Olona, 2 – 20123 Milano
Numero Verde 800 790 491
E-mail: info@sgborsa.it
Sito Web: prodotti.societegenerale.it

Marcello Chelli
Director - Co-Head SG Cross Asset Institutional and Distribution Sales (Italy) / Head of Lyxor ETF (Italy)

Vincenzo Saccente
Managing Director - Co-Head SG Cross Asset Institutional and Distribution Sales (Italy)


ACPI is a specialist investment management group that executes strategies, specified with our clients and their advisors, in order to meet strategic investment goals. We seek to strike a balance between capital growth and capital preservation through a detailed understanding of risk.   At the core of ACPI’s investment activities is a highly personalised service that takes into account the unique circumstances of each client.



Iason is an international firm that consults Financial Institutions on Risk Management.
Iason integrates deep industry knowledge with specialised expertise in Market, Liquidity, Funding, Credit and Counterparty Risk, in Organisational Set-Up and in Strategic Planning. Iason offers a unique blend of skills and expertise in the understanding of financial markets, in the pricing of complex financial instruments and in the best technology to use in the financial industry.  The company’s structure is very flexible and grants a fully bespoke service to its Clients.
Iason believes in the ability to develop new quantitative finance approaches through research and to apply them in practice within the most effective technology frameworks. This is critical to the high quality and performance standards required in the modern financial industry.  For this reason, Iason constantly strives to find new solutions striking a balance between rigour and efficiency.

Contact Person:
Luca Olivo (Iason Italia)
mobile: +393491188716
email: luca.olivo@iasonltd.com
Gianbattista Aresi (Iason Italia)
email: giambattista.aresi@iasonltd.com


PHI is the first Hybrid Robo Investing Platform that allows to invest both in Traditional and Crypto Assets. PHI resolves Financial Industry’s problems (too high distribution costs, very weak expected return and lack of competition between asset managers) combining automated financial advice tools with human advisors preserving attributes such as emotional response, bias, judgment and the ability to assess the needs of the consumer. Thanks to Robo-digital advice & Blockchain technology PHI increases transparency in investment options and decisions and security in the client data information and privacy.

Keller Zable

Keller Zable Group operates in Real Estate as the best partner for selection and management of high-return development and investment deals, tailored for either institutional or private clients. Our Group has access to elite and premium real-estate portfolios, totalizing around € 600 millions, that encompass in particular off-market assets. Keller Zable offers a wide range of exclusive and highly differentiated real-estate services, together with value-adding consultancy and advisory of fiscal, administration, technical and financial nature, finalized to the optimization, consolidation and ultimate growth of portfolios. Through its subsidiary incorporated in Luxembourg, the Group is the advisor and main strategic partner of a listed Specialized Investment Fund (SIF).
The objective of our SIF, called Keller Zable Investments – Stable Return, is to generate a stable and robust return for its shareholders, leveraging on the following strategic pillars:

  • stable income generating steady and sustainable positive cash flows;
  • high potential underlying assets, achieving along the investment lifecycle, contextual capital protection and overall net asset value growth;
  • inflaction-linked yields and underlying assets’ values, granted by transparent contractual conditions applied within the renting agreements in place for the targeted real estate assets; and
  • Yields with either no or very limited correlation with market cycles and macro-economical events.

Media partners

Blue Financial Communication
Financial Analyst Club Worldwide

Financial Analyst Club Worldwide is a linkedin group worldwide leader with more than 150.000 professional analysts participants, dedicated to expand financial analytical culture and sharing financial and economics informations and papers.

Forbes Italia

Finanzaoperativa.com is online since January 2013. Gianluigi Raimondi, Massimiliano Malandra and Floriana Liuni are the financial journalists who founded the website based on a formula that unifies financial analysis and new media. Our business:
• Operative investment information and advice based on technical and fundamental analysis;
• Focus on asset classes, asset management, investments, macroeconomics, personal finance and financial education;
• Video interviews on our Youtube web channel;
• Portfolios;
• Trading systems from our contributors;
• A weekly Newsletter;
• A website for portfolio backtest (www.backtest.eu)

Funds People

Funds People Italia is a specialized magazine that offers the most up to date contents to the professionals of the mutual funds and asset management industry. Daily news are  published online at www.fundspeople.it, in-depth analysis are discused in the paper edition of the magazine. Our readers are mutual fund managers, institutional investors, fund distributors and private bankers 


TRADERS' magazine

Since January 2013, TRADERS’ publishes the Italian edition. TRADERS’ Magazine has established itself as THE information and communications platform for the trading elite. TRADERS’ is the perfect guide to those looking to become professional traders and for those who have already joined their ranks, regardless which investment timeframe, market or vehicle you prefer. It is not without reason  that TRADERS’ magazine is known as- Your personal trading coach.


MondoInvestor Srl, the evolution of MondoHedge, is a professional publisher specialized in financial information reserved to professional investors. The company, which has grown over the years relying on a high degree of competence and accuracy of contents, is now active through three different research and editorial initiatives which have their focal point on MondoInstitutional, MondoAlternative and MondoETF websites. A further important and well-structured activity is the organization of events, organized throughout the year, that are becoming more and more appreciated thanks to the high quality of the topics and the remarkable delegates involved. In particular, the company organizes events dedicated to Fund Selector and Italian institutional investors (Pension funds, "Casse di Previdenza", Foundations of banking origin, Family Offices and insurance companies). Moreover, the company publishes the monthly Italian magazine MondoInvestor and the quarterly English magazine MondoInvestor providing insights, analysis, interviews, researches, and investment ideas on specific and topical subjects about the asset management industry, with a primary focus on the Italian market.


MarketPlus.ch is a new independent publishing website specialized  in economic and financial information, it aims to become the reference point for the whole Swiss financial community being written in english (the “financial language”).
MarketPlus.ch offers also a unique opportunity becoming part of its editorial project. Companies with strongh know-how and skills on specific topics, can publish articles becoming Contributors of MarketPlus.ch. The visibility of Contributors is also and above all granted by the creation of their own branded page, where are collected all published articles, interviews, videos, analysis, … and where readers can find all the main info about the company (logo, description, contacts, list of main services/products..).


Innovation, Independence, Clarity: the basis of INVESTORS’, the species evolution in the financial publishing, the Agorà for professional consultants and investors, the finance for an aware future. With its modern and interactive format, INVESTORS’ is the investment Culture platform in Italy: elegant paper and digital magazine, INVESTORS’ Tour Events, Webinar and periodical newsletter.


Founded in 1990, UniMoney is a leading company in the linguistic services sector, specialized in the economic, financial and legal field.
Our services:

Our translators are mother-tongue professionals, specialized in their fields and with many years of experience.
Our translations are all carefully checked. Each text is translated by a native speaker and is subsequently reviewed by a colleague to ensure a very high quality end product.

Logica Consulting
Mister Trend

Radio broadcast on Economy and Finance created and hosted by Gino Fanelli (every Monday live from 10.00 to 10.30 - RTP 91.8 FM and 100.5 – Streaming https://mistertrend.it) and featuring leading experts in the financial markets.
The blog https://mistertrend.it, an Economics and Finance Educational, is a meeting point for operators in the financial markets and investors.
It features analysis, interviews and new financial products's reviews

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/mistertrendofficial/
Twitter https://twitter.com/mister_trend


SIAT – Societą Italiana Analisi Tecnica

SIAT -  Società Italiana Analisi Tecnica -  is the Italian association of financial markets technical analysts. Founded in 1986, SIAT replicates from the Italian perspective the guiding principles of IFTA – International Federation of Technical Analysts -  the international non-profit organization, founded in May 1986, with member societies in 24 countries.

CFA Society

CFA Society (CFASI) was founded in 1999 as a non-profit organization of investment professionals who agree to abide by the Code of Ethics and Standards of Professional Conduct.
CFA Society Italy promotes the highest ethical and professional standards within the Italian investment industry and encourages professional development through the CFA® Program, the CIPM® Program and the Claritas® Program.
Establishing an ongoing series of events for investment practitioners, CFA Society Italy offers a range of educational opportunities and facilitates the open exchange of information and opinions among investment professionals. 
The Society is affiliated with CFA Institute the global, not-for-profit association of investment professionals that leads the investment industry by setting the highest standards of ethics, education, and professional excellence.

Contacts: www.cfasocietyitaly.it - info@cfasi.it


Consultique S.p.A., founded in 2001, is a leader in Independent Financial analysis and consultancy in Italy. We are remunerated exclusively from clients in order to ensure that there are no potential conflicts of interests. The company provides a range of services, including/not limited to Family Office services, offering analysis, research, asset planning services and investment advice to corporations, institutional investors and private individuals.
Our Studies and Research Center has analyzed financial products across equities, fixed income market, pension funds on the market whilst has employed diverse methods of evaluation.
The Pension Funds and ETF ratings are published by "Il Sole 24 Ore".
Consultique currently has a network of over 300 offices throughout Italy. We are committed to providing first class training and support, using advanced technological resources, to those who would wish to pursue a career in Independent Financial Consultancy.
CEO and President Cesare Armellini, Studies and Research Centre Director Giuseppe Romano and Commercial and Communications Director Luca Mainò, were the co-founders of Consultique and are the authors of Il Sole 24 Ore's Guide to Independent Financial Consulting.
In addition, investors will be able to benefit from the professional expertise of the Studies and Research Centre to select the best asset managers and allocations in the world.

Contact our team

You can request information about the event by filling this form, you can also write to Events@FinLantern.com or calling FinLantern Staff: +41 91 2247250.

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